4 Tips For Putting An Embroidery Design On A Hat

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4 Tips For Putting An Embroidery Design On A Hat

27 September 2017
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Embroidery is a very popular way to decorate hats. If you own an embroidery machine, you can put designs on your own baseball hats.

#1 Start At The Bottom

When applying a design to a hat, you are going to want to start on the bottom of the design. You need to start at the bottom and the center of the design, and work outward and upward from there. This will help ensure that your design is properly centered and that you have enough space to put your design on the designated area on the cap.

#2 Keep It Small

When putting an embroidery design on a baseball hat, you don't have a lot of room to work with. To fit effectively on the cap, your design needs to be a couple of inches high and a couple of inches wide. If you make the design too large, it is not going to fit properly on your cap. You want the design to work on all sizes of hats if you want to commercial sell the design to others. If you are making a unique design just for yourself, the design can be more custom fit to the size of hat that you wear.

#3 Don't Start Too Low

Don't start the design too low on the cap. You don't want to start the design right where the front of the cap and the brim of the cap meet together. If you start the design too low, the letters and design may end up getting distorted.

 If it is too low, the letters and design may also not look right when someone looks at your cap. One of the reasons to put a design on your hat is so that others can see it, so you want to make sure that the design is positioned high enough so that others can see it and read it properly.

Another risk of putting the design too low is that the embroidery can pull on the fabric of the hat. This can cause the design cause the fabric on the hat to bunch up and look silly.

#4 Use Hooping

When applying the design to your hat, be sure to use hooping. Hooping should be used regardless of how stiff or soft the cap is that you are working with. Hooping will help reinforce your embroidery and will ensure that your embroidery design is the highest quality possible. 

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