Popular Barrel Head Clock Finishes

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Popular Barrel Head Clock Finishes

15 November 2022
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A barrel head clock can be a stylish addition to numerous areas of your home, offering a rustic look while providing the usefulness of helping you to keep an eye on the time. This wooden, circular clock, which is made to closely look like the head of a barrel, will become a focal point in the room due to its sheer size. It's impossible for people to fail to see the clock when they step into the room. Given these facts, it's a good idea to browse a few different barrel head clocks so that you can choose the right one. Here are three popular finishes that you'll find in these clocks.


It shouldn't be a surprise to see matte finishes on many barrel head clocks, given that most barrels look matte, but you might be interested to know that these clocks are also available in a glossy finish. Some people find that a glossy finish is a better fit on their wall. For example, most walls have a matte appearance, so a glossy decorative piece on the wall will really stand out. In a bright room, the glossy finish of your clock will catch the light and offer a bold look.


If you want a completely different look, shop for a barrel head clock that has a burnt wood finish. This finish is increasingly popular and is achieved by using a heat source such as a blow torch. Passing the torch's flame close to the wood darkens it to a rich brown color, and the exact hue will vary depending on the type of wood and the proximity of the heat. Some barrel head clocks will feature the majority of the surface darkened in this manner, while you'll see other designs in which only a few small areas are burnt.


It's rare to see a barrel head clock that is entirely painted, as this removes the wooden look that many people appreciate. You will, however, see some of these clocks that feature a small amount of paint. For example, a clock may have a ring of paint around the perimeter of the barrel head. If you find a product that has a color that suits the look of the room in which you plan to hang the clock, you'll have a product that fits in well with the existing furniture and decor. Browse your options and choose a barrel head clock with a finish that suits you.

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