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Popular Barrel Head Clock Finishes

15 November 2022
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A barrel head clock can be a stylish addition to numerous areas of your home, offering a rustic look while providing the usefulness of helping you to keep an eye on the time. This wooden, circular clock, which is made to closely look like the head of a barrel, will become a focal point in the room due to its sheer size. It's impossible for people to fail to see the clock when they step into the room. Read More …

The Benefits Of Adding Vinyl Floor Graphics To The Convention Center Floor At Your Next Event

22 September 2021
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Are you holding a large-scale event at a local convention center? Will employees, customers, or members of the public be walking across the convention floor or seeking out multiple meeting rooms or conference centers on the upper floors of the complex? If this sounds like you want your next event to have, here's why you might want to invest in some vinyl floor graphics to use throughout the convention center. Read More …

Buy These Devices To Transport Things In Your Yard

6 January 2021
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If one of your favorite hobbies is working in your yard, you want to make each job that you do as easy as possible. Many tasks involve transporting different things from one area of the yard to another, which is a process that can be challenging and time-consuming. For example, if you get a load of topsoil delivered to your driveway, you'll need to carry it to the different locations where you'll be using it. Read More …

What The Heck Is A Thimble Cage?

15 May 2020
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A thimble cage is exactly what it sounds like. It's a cage for holding a thimble, commonly carried (modernly) on necklaces. There are two classes, one that is intended to be purely decorative and another that is decorative but also practical.  The purely decorative types can be used to hold more than thimbles, in jewelry making. Small pretty stones or marbles, even tiny figurines. Or, of course, your decorative thimbles. Though if they're not used to hold thimbles, often they're simply called cages. Read More …

4 Tips For Putting An Embroidery Design On A Hat

27 September 2017
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Embroidery is a very popular way to decorate hats. If you own an embroidery machine, you can put designs on your own baseball hats. #1 Start At The Bottom When applying a design to a hat, you are going to want to start on the bottom of the design. You need to start at the bottom and the center of the design, and work outward and upward from there. This will help ensure that your design is properly centered and that you have enough space to put your design on the designated area on the cap. Read More …

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